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Elementor – 5 Reasons We Think It’s A WordPress Game-Changer.

Trying to decide which website builder is best for you?

You want a stunning yet smart website? We always recommend building your website easily and flexibly with Elementor Page Builder on WordPress.

Here at Site Culture, we are big fans of the Elementor plugin for WordPress. We believe that many times, it’s the best option for building your website. Using Elementor in conjunction with WordPress provides you the opportunity to have control over your website’s aesthetic, while also giving you an easy website building experience.


Maybe you have heard of WordPress before. It once started as a blogging platform but has transformed to being the #1 website platform in the world. This is for great reason as it is highly flexible compared to other website builders and can grow with your business.

"Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time."

WordPress is Open Source, which means that anyone can develop plugins for different features. WordPress offers 55,000 plugins, giving you the ability to add just about any functionality you can dream of – an online shop, login, blog, and they even have a mobile app so you can update content on the go.


In the past, people looking to DIY their site have steered clear from WordPress, as it has had the reputation of being challenging to learn compared to other platforms. With great freedom comes its own challenges. Luckily for all of us WordPress users, Elementor has come along and changed the game.

With Elementor, you can create any website you can imagine.

Elementor is a page builder made for WordPress. It’s so popular that over 5 million professional web designers use it for their website. It saves so much time and allows business owners to update their own website. We love it because it provides the easy-to-use functionality of other platforms like Squarespace and Showit, while giving you the priceless freedom of WordPress. With a WordPress website, you can rest assured that you have a solid foundation for your website – providing best in business SEO optimization tools.


Here are 5 Reasons why we believe that Elementor is a WordPress website game-changer.

1. Elementor is Free to use, but the Pro version is 100% worth the investment.

You can do so much with the free version of Elementor. It provides you with the opportunity to try out Elementor to see if it’s right for you. Once you fall in love with it, you can purchase a pro account for just $50 a year. It is well worth the small yearly fee for the flexibility and functionality.


Here at Site Culture, we have a few add-on templates for the free version of Elementor. This is great if you have an existing WordPress website and are looking for a quick and affordable page to add to your website.

2. There are endless tutorials for Elementor, helping you create your dream website.

Don’t know how to use Elementor? Not to fear. Elementor has endless video tutorials to help you out. If you decide to purchase one of Site Culture’s websites or templates, we walk  you through step-by-step how to customize your website using Elementor.


Elementor also gives you the ability to have a gorgeous website across all devices and modern browsers.

Shop Elementor Add-On Pages

3. You can have all the freedom of WordPress, while having the flexibility of a drag-and-drop page builder.

The combination of Elementor with WordPress is powerful. You no longer have to be limited by a drag-and-drop website platform such as SquareSpace. You get all the power of WordPress, all while not needing to know a line of code.


4. WordPress is an all-in-one platform.

On WordPress you have so much flexibility, that you can literally create any website you want. They have a great shop plugin called WooCommerce, an amazing blog platform, SEO optimization, popups, sales funnels and more. There’s no need to worry about integrating multiple platforms as you would on Showit. In fact, with ShowIt, your blog would be through WordPress and shop would be on Shopify, giving you three different website platforms to manage.

5. WordPress + Elementor can fuel your business for success

Our top reason for using Elementor and WordPress is that it grows with your business. Other website platforms may work when you’re first getting started, but as your business grows, you will likely have to move it over to WordPress or Shopify (if you’re an online shop).

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