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Expert Web Design Services for small businesses

Grow with our web design services, exclusively made for small businesses.

At SiteCulture, we specialize in crafting unique online experiences that resonate with your audience. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality branding, web design, and SEO services that are life-giving for small businesses. 


The base package for a blog includes a homepage, about page, blog post page, blog archive page, and a contact page.

Once you’ve signed your contract, we’ll send over an invoice to secure your spot on our project calendar. You have the option to pay for the entire project upfront, which comes with a  5% discount on your total investment. Alternatively, you can choose to break down the total into two or three equal monthly installments.


If something comes up and you need to hit pause or reschedule your project, we totally understand. However, please note that an additional 5% of your total project investment will be charged. This is because we carefully plan and schedule our projects to make sure we’re giving each one our all. Changing the schedule can disrupt our workflow.


As for late fees, we’d hate to have to charge you extra. But if a payment is late for any reason, an additional fee of 5% of the invoice total will be charged for each month it remains unpaid.

At the beginning of our collaboration, we’ll dedicate a substantial portion of our time learning about you, your brand’s unique strengths, and your business’ specific requirements through a comprehensive onboarding questionnaire.


To ensure your project remains on track, we require that all client tasks (including submission of images) be completed by the assigned deadline. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully note all instructions sent via email.


Please be aware, if you are unable to complete your tasks on time, we will need to extend your project timeline and a rescheduling fee will be incurred.

Your project kicks off on the first Monday of your scheduled intensive, where you’ll receive an email with the schedule and necessary details. Over the course of three weeks, we work efficiently so you won’t feel the pressure of being heavily involved during your normal working hours.


Our process involves video presentations and digital feedback forms to ensure the project fits into your schedule without overwhelming you.



We ask that you allocate some time on the first and second Tuesdays of the intensive to review progress and provide feedback.



The intensive phase concludes by the third Friday at 12 pm EST. Just as a heads-up, any work required beyond this point, either due to late responses or additional requests beyond the original contract, will be billed on an hourly basis.

Yes, all platforms require a hosting fee. We offer managed WordPress hosting and support for $33/month. You are welcome to use our hosting or host your website elsewhere.

If your website is built on Squarespace or Showit, there are other fees for those platforms as well.

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