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Semi custom wordpress website design package

For Small Businesses Ready for Growth

Timeless brand and semi-custom Wordpress website ready within 1 week

The investment for our Semi-Custom branding and Wordpress website design package begins at $3,500

Our Semi-custom Branding & Website design Package Includes

Visual Branding

  • Typographic Logo
  • Secondary Logo/Favicon
  • Color palette and font selection 

Semi-Custom WordPress Website Design

We will customize one of our popular templates to mirror your brand’s identity. We’ll install practical functionality that meets your needs and converts your audience, leading to an increase in your profits.



  • We’ll customize up to 5 template pages from our template library.
  • Basic SEO Setup and optimization of Images
  • A smooth user experience and mobile-friendly design.
  • Access to our handpicked resource library, packed with tips for launching and managing your site.
  • Striking social media graphics to announce the launch of your website.

Add Ons to be paired with the semi-custom brand and website package

This is all about fine-tuning your brand’s voice and making sure it hits the right notes with your audience. It’s about creating a narrative that draws people in and guides them through your sales funnel.

  • Crafting a tagline that encapsulates your brand
  • Pinpointing your target audience and honing your brand’s voice to speak directly to them
  • Creating SEO-friendly website copy that not only reads well but also ranks well


If your website needs more than the standard five pages, no problem! 



$1000 per page

Think of this as the behind-the-scenes magic that propels your website to the top of search results, turning curious visitors into loyal customers.

  • Deep-diving into keyword research
  • Checking out the competition and finding keyword gaps
  • Getting all the on-page SEO elements in line (title tags, meta descriptions, text tags, internal links, anchor text, etc.)
  • Optimizing images (compressing them and adding alt text)
  • Technical SEO Implementation (website security, Google sitemap, site indexing, URL redirects, page speed, mobile-first indexing, and more)
  • Google Analytics and Google Console Setup
  • Keyword and metadata tracker spreadsheet



Gives your project an extra week (extending our project timeline to 2 weeks), offering more creative control and time to consider your design choices.



Our mission is to use powerful branding, effective messaging, and stellar website design to help you connect with and convert your target audience. ​

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Our semi-custom Wordpress website design package will help grow your revenue, giving you the freedom to focus on what you really enjoy, the ability to reinvest in your success, and the breathing room to live your life to the fullest.

Initial consultation

We love starting off with a free, complementary consultation. This gives us a chance to get to know each other a bit better. 

During this conversation, we’ll dive into a series of in-depth questions to better understand your business and what you’re hoping to achieve with your project. We’ll also take this opportunity to unpack our design process, brainstorm some exciting ideas for your business.

Schedule Now

Become an official Siteculture client

After our discussion, you’ll receive a thorough proposal that lays out the details of the project we’ve talked about. This document will also highlight any additional services needed to successfully complete the project.


The proposal will be bundled with a contract and information about the initial deposit. Once the contract is signed and the first payment is processed, we can officially kick-start our collaboration.

Project kickoff

As we start on our project, our first step is to gather all the necessary materials to bring your vision to life. This begins with a comprehensive kickoff call where we’ll walk you through a detailed task list curated just for you. This checklist will cover everything we’ll need from your end, such as a brand development questionnaire, content forms, a password document, and any other specifics your project may require. 

Select your desired template and complete all content materials

Over the next few weeks before your project starts, your task will be to complete all items assigned to you during the project kickoff.


This is when you will officially select your favorite template to base your website from.



Once your content has been submitted, we will review everything and provide feedback on how to improve your content if necessary. 

Project Day 1

Receive a Draft Brand Style Guide

You will receive a brand style guide document. At this stage, we welcome any feedback and will make any necessary revisions.

Project Day 2

Receive Completed Brand Style Guide

We will finalize the brand style guide according to your feedback.

Project Day 3

Receive a Draft Website Design

The draft website design includes all copy, content, images, colors, fonts, layouts, etc. for your review. At this time you may request revisions.

Project Day 5

Receive your Complete Website and Branding Materials

Your website and branding documents will be completed and ready to launch on Monday.

Monday of Following Week

Training and Walkthrough

We will send along a training video and document showing you how to use your new website. We will collaborate a plan for go-live the following week.

Monday of Following Week

New Website + Brand Launch!

Congratulations! Your new web presence is complete. We will be available for tech support the week following your website launch.


Trusted by 300+ Shops, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, worldwide.


The base package for a blog includes a homepage, about page, blog post page, blog archive page, and a contact page.

Once you’ve signed your contract, we’ll send over an invoice to secure your spot on our project calendar. You have the option to pay for the entire project upfront, which comes with a  5% discount on your total investment. Alternatively, you can choose to break down the total into two or three equal monthly installments.


If something comes up and you need to hit pause or reschedule your project, we totally understand. However, please note that an additional 5% of your total project investment will be charged. This is because we carefully plan and schedule our projects to make sure we’re giving each one our all. Changing the schedule can disrupt our workflow.


As for late fees, we’d hate to have to charge you extra. But if a payment is late for any reason, an additional fee of 5% of the invoice total will be charged for each month it remains unpaid.

At the beginning of our collaboration, we’ll dedicate a substantial portion of our time learning about you, your brand’s unique strengths, and your business’ specific requirements through a comprehensive onboarding questionnaire.


To ensure your project remains on track, we require that all client tasks (including submission of images) be completed by the assigned deadline. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully note all instructions sent via email.


Please be aware, if you are unable to complete your tasks on time, we will need to extend your project timeline and a rescheduling fee will be incurred.

Your project kicks off on the first Monday of your scheduled intensive, where you’ll receive an email with the schedule and necessary details. Over the course of three weeks, we work efficiently so you won’t feel the pressure of being heavily involved during your normal working hours.


Our process involves video presentations and digital feedback forms to ensure the project fits into your schedule without overwhelming you.



We ask that you allocate some time on the first and second Tuesdays of the intensive to review progress and provide feedback.



The intensive phase concludes by the third Friday at 12 pm EST. Just as a heads-up, any work required beyond this point, either due to late responses or additional requests beyond the original contract, will be billed on an hourly basis.

Yes, all platforms require a hosting fee. We offer managed WordPress hosting and support for $33/month. You are welcome to use our hosting or host your website elsewhere.

If your website is built on Squarespace or Showit, there are other fees for those platforms as well.

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